Here are some common Franchising FAQ’s

5 Years with a 5 year renewal option
5 Years with a 5 year renewal option

The initial investment will range between $250–$350k

8% gross revenue (capped at $4,000/month)
Group marketing
3% gross revenue
Local area marketing
Booking & app management
Email communications & CRM
Website & tech innovation
In-studio display screens

Yes, we recommend checking out a local REVL studio.

We work with Qualified Franchise Brokers to structure the best deal for your circumstances. As part of the recruitment process we will introduce you to them.

1 week franchise induction training

3 days coaches accreditation

Yes, the multi site model is what we want.
Running a fitness studio requires a close touch point with staff and members of the community. Yes, this role can be in a management capacity and or coach.

Before selecting a site we will ensure the area has the right mix of demographics and populations density. Our property team whom have the knowledge of market rates and trends will negotiate the lease for you ensuring you are getting the best deal moving forward.

We have developed a true franchise partnership, you win, we win. It is our intention to ensure we support you to grow and retain a strong business that one day will be a strong sellable asset. What you can expect;
  • First week onsite support
  • Dedicated Business Performance Manager to help you grow and understand your business and its performance
  • Local area Digital Marketing
  • National Marketing
  • Continuous training and development of your coaches to harbour strong coach retention
  • Product innovation – we provide you the daily programs and techniques that will keep your members coming back for more
  • Access to Op Central and 24/7 support
A passion for health and fitness, a drive to motivate a community, be willing to work under the REVL training philosophies and systems.
Unfortunately nothing in this life is guaranteed however potential revenue can be calculated from our below benchmarks;
Weekly Membership: $54.95 – $74.95
Studio Capacity: 250 – 350 depending on size